Making pet ownership simple and affordable.

Because our dogs and cats deserve good health and happiness in return for the joy they give others.

Pet Tails Around Town

The dogs you meet in a town that loves to have a good time. These stories are sure to entertain and bring a smile to your face.

Pet Grooming & Care

Learn what groomers do to take care of your pet. Use the information to give your dog or cat a happier and healthier life.

About Pet Club Pro

Meet Val, a former dog groomer and an artist. Learn why she is so passionate about passing her knowledge on to devoted pet owners.

DIY & Recipes

You'll find cool pet projects and easy recipes for your favorite four-legged companion. Good dogs and cats love homemade treats made with handpicked ingredients.

Pet Club Pro Shop

Our complete product line of pet inspired gifts features mugs, pillows and so much more! From artwork to photography, layout to file prep, each design is totally created in-house.  Find that perfect gift for the pet lover in your life.

Un-pet... living life in paradise

A compilation of life happenings in paradise outside of the pet world. The wildlife, the flowers, the critters and the people are extraordinary. Living by the Gulf in SW Florida, a dream or a bar-scene from Star Wars. You be the judge! 

The studio

Where the inspiration develops

Pet Design

Our designs begin with original photography or digital scans of our fine art. The image is then integrated into a pleasing balanced design using professional digital software.

The final design may be enhanced with other design elements to make it unique. From there, it is submitted to a printer who uses dye sublimation printing to fuse the image into our products. Each product is printed when ordered and is not mass-produced.

Pet Art

Our fine art may be watercolor, oil, acrylic or colored pencil. Sometimes it might simply be graphite. Inspiration is never predictable so the outcome is always serendipitous.

Each art piece is created using our own photography to capture the moment.  Then it is composed and translated to paper or canvas for scanning, photographing and implementing into our product designs. The end result is a collectible piece that preserves the memories of a very special pet.

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