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Party Hat Accessory

Party Hat Accessory

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Type: Cats and Dogs

Material: Fiber

Item Type: Hair Accessories

OriginMainland China


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Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Frederic Crist

Best buy on Ali! The cat did not like it, but he courageously endured five whole minutes in this hat. It is slightly too small, so the cheeked kittens will not fit into it. Delivered to the checkpoint in St. Petersburg in 10 days

Adell Beahan

The coolness of the hat was appreciated by everyone except the cat

Andreanne Powlowski

It's just a bomb!!! I am in the world!!! (and the child, apparently, is not very good)

Nestor Steuber

Cute and good price! Air out before putting on kitty

Domenico Baumbach

The cat does not give himself a hat But carries it around behind him, like a favorite toy)) Still often sucks wool on it and bursts In general, we use it for other purposes, but the cat is satisfied with the purchase)) The truth is that after the cat games she quickly got lost...